Take control of Flash movies.

GetFLV is your complete Flash movie Windows solution.

FLV Fixer

It's a FLV fixer and FLV MetaData Injector. It will replace any existing "duration" data with the correct data and repaired the FLV video files that can't be seeked.

You can launch Repair FLV Files in GetFLV. Within 3 steps, you can convert FLV Video for you.

Step 1: Launch Repair FLV Files

Step 2: Add FLV Files

Click on the "Add File(s)" button. You are given a standard file open dialog. Add the file you want to convert. You may choose multiple files in this dialog.

Step 3: Repair FLV Files

Click on the "Repair" button on the tool bar to start converting.

 Quickly repair FLV files from context menu of FLV downloader.

Step 1: Select FLV Files from FLV Downloader.

Step 2: Select "Repair FLV Files " item from context menu to repair selected FLV files.